The Military Museums

The Mural of Honour

The Mural image above contains interactive links to each of the 240 panels that make up the Mural of Honour. The Mural of Honour commemorates Canadian service personnel from each of the three branches of the Armed Forces. The original painting was installed in the atrium of The Military Museums, Calgary, Alberta in November 2008.

Navigating the Mural

The Mural works on both mobile and desktop displays. On mobile devices, it may be easier to zoom into the Mural first. Make sure touch-zoom is enabled on your smartphone browser.

On Mobile devices

  To Zoom in:

1. Touch one finger to the Mural image, then touch-drag with the other finger to zoom into the image,

2. Then double-click (double-tap) on a panel to open the story.

On Desktop displays

  To open a panel:

1. Hover the mouse over the Mural to highlight individual panels,

2. Click the left-mouse button on any panel to open.

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Browser compatibility: Some users have reported that the Mural does not always display correctly when viewed in Safari. Some Safari extensions that block ads or other content may cause regular pages from loading properly. If difficulties are encountered using this browser, we would recommend trying to view the Mural in either Chrome or Firefox.

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