The Military Museums

Content and Software Developer

Ian began his career as a geophysicist in seismic exploration and has been a web developer for many years.

In 2005, Ian met Karen Storwick after hearing about the Mural fundraising project for The Military Museums, and shortly thereafter purchased what turned out to be the 6th panel Karen sold. He dedicated this panel to his two great grand-uncles who served in the First World War.

After hearing about Karen’s ambitious plans for the interactive version of the Mural, he suggested that if she ever needed help on the project, he’d be willing to volunteer. That phone call came shortly afterwards, and in 2006, Ian took on the task as primary content and software developer for the Mural Project.

Along with other volunteers, Ian considered this opportunity to be a privilege to help preserve the memories of selfless sacrifice of so many veterans and service personnel who have served our country.

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