The Military Museums

The Mural Development Team is profoundly grateful for our many devoted volunteers without whom the fulfillment of our vision would not be possible:

Dorothy Cameron; Assistant Mural Painter
Robert Curtin; Promotional Material
Yana Doyle; Research Assistant/Writer, Afghanistan Tribute
Cyndy Butler; Research and Writing Assistant
Dennis Apedaile: Research Advisor
Joylyn Leugner: Administrative Assistant
Adam Lajeunesse: Writer
Jacqui Lane: Writer
Tex Leugner: Writer
Stan Scislowski: Writer
Meighen McCrae: Writer
Barry Ashton: Writer/Editor, Army
Donald Norrie: Writer/Editor, Air Force
John Farnham: Writer/Editor, Air Force
Dan Dempsey: Writer, Air Force
Al Judson: Writer/Editor, Army
Frank Saies Jones: Writer/Editor, Navy
Alan McDonald: Writer (deceased)
Peggy Watson: Writer
Eric Wicherts: Writer
Robyn Williams: Writer
Kathy Grant: Writer

Significant contributions:
Marg Liessens: Content Management
Steven Sokolosky: Content Management
Rob Alexander: Writer

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