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Canada's Volunteer Military

Throughout its history, Canada has been called upon to contribute to major armed conflicts around the world.

Fred McNeil

Flight Officer Archibald Harold Frederick McNeil was born in Saskatchewan and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in May 1940.

Bolingbroke Bomber

The Bolingbroke bomber was the Canadian version of the Bristol Blenheim IV light bomber, built by the Fairchild Aircraft Company of Longueuil, Quebec.

Billy Bishop

Billy Bishop was Canada's greatest flying ace during the First World War.

Mapping the Arctic

John Showler earned his flying spurs in 1938 by crashing his newly purchased DH 60 Moth biplane into the ice of Lake Winnipeg.


The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, BCATP, was one of Canada’s major contributions to the Second World War.

Governor General's Horse Guards

The Governor General's Horse Guards is a reserve regiment of volunteer citizen soldiers whose illustrious history dates to 1822.

Dodge Ambulance

The Chrysler Corporation of Canada provided a wide variety of specialized vehicles during the Second World War.


I was visiting the museum on Remembrance Day in this painting.

HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Despite fears for their own safety, the Royal Family continued to live at Buckingham Palace throughout the Second World War as a gesture of solidarity with the British people.

Battle of Kapyong

The Battle of Kapyong was a United Nations defensive action fought during the Korean War between April 21-25, 1951.

Bill and Margaret Howard

Bill and Margaret Howard shared a life that valued public service, integrity and hard work.

Maurice Crabtree

Maurice was a law student at Osgoode Hall in Toronto, Ontario and was also a member of the Argonaut Rowing Club and the West End YMCA.

Robert Allan Barr

Allan Barr served in England and France with the British Army, first as a cadet in the Artists’ Rifles and then as a Lieutenant in the 1/1st Monmouthshire Regiment.

Sir Arthur Currie

General Sir Arthur Currie was Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Corps during the First World War, and is considered Canada’s greatest military commander.

Major General Rockingham

Major General "Rocky" Rockingham began his military career in 1935 as a Lieutenant in the Canadian Scottish Militia Regiment.

Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli

This painting is dedicated to our daughter Lindsay Rachel Giacomelli who died on March 18, 2005 at the age of 20 years.

Women at Sea

Today, we take it for granted that women have the same opportunities as men, but there was a time when women were not regular members of the Canadian Armed Forces.


In 1946, the Avro Canada company was awarded the contract to develop a new twinjet, radar-equipped, all-weather interceptor for the RCAF.


When the First World War was over, 32 nations had fought on both sides of the conflict.

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