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The Fighting Tenth

Private Arthur Baldwin volunteered with the 89th Battalion in Calgary in November, 1915.

James Padley

James Ernest Padley was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1925.

Attack on Hill 145

On April 9th, 1917, all four Divisions of the Canadian Corps attacked and stormed Vimy Ridge.

Doc Seaman

Daryl (Doc) Seaman grew up in southern Saskatchewan and worked for his father's road building company before joining the RCAF in early 1941.


During the first half of the 20th century, some 1.5 million Canadians were called upon to defend peace and freedom around the world during the Boer War (1899-1902), the First World War, the Second World War and the Korean War.

Queen's Own Rifles

The Queen's Own Rifles is Canada’s oldest rifle regiment, whose history can be traced back to April 1860.

Bob Millar

Bob Millar graduated from Queen’s University through the Regular Officer Training Plan as an armoured officer in 1969.

GM Trucks

Even before December 1941, General Motors had begun to convert their entire production towards the war effort.

Nichola Goddard

Nichola Goddard was eighteen when she began her basic training at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario.

Nic Nicolay

Clarence Norman (Nic) Nicolay was born in 1921 in Oak Point, Manitoba.

Indigenous Blessing

Over 18,000 Indigenous veterans served with the Canadian armed forces during both World Wars.

Ernie Bagstad

During the Italian Campaign in December 1943, Ernie Bagstad and his Seaforth Highlanders were engaged in fierce house to house fighting in the Italian port town of Ortona.

Rod Middleton

Rod served with the Calgary Highlanders Militia from 1948 to 1950.

Mart Kenney

Mart Kenney was a Canadian music icon and radio pioneer, best known for his musical contributions during the Second World War.

Convoy Air Support

The Catalina was a twin-engine amphibious aircraft with a cantilevered wing mounted on a central pylon.

RCN Corvettes

During the Second World War, Canada contributed a sizable fleet of naval vessels to help in convoy escort and anti-submarine warfare during the Battle of the North Atlantic.

Lt. Hampton Gray VC

Robert Hampton Gray was born in Trail, British Columbia, on 2nd November, 1917, the son of a Boer War Veteran.


To millions of Canadians and airshow fans around the world, Canada's Air Demonstration Squadron is known simply as "The Snowbirds."

Nicole Schiele

Nicole Patricia Schiele was born in Calgary in 1971.

The Nursing Sisters

Canada's Nursing Sisters have a long and storied history in Canada’s military.

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