The Military Museums

John Dick

John Dick was born in Stirling, Scotland in 1920 and in 1939, enlisted with the RAF as a Wireless Operator.

Frederick Lawson

Fred Lawson joined the 89th Battalion of the CEF in Red Deer, Alberta in 1915, and soon afterwards transferred to the 10th Infantry Battalion in Calgary.

Frank Wilkinson

Frank Wilkinson was born in Toronto, Ontario on 27 March 1921 and enlisted with the Canadian Army on 7 September 1939.

Molly Lamb Bobak

Molly Lamb Bobak had an interest in art from an early age.

Lorraine and Thelma Milner

Lorraine and Thelma Milner were sisters-in-law who both served with the Women’s Division of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

25lb Gun

The 25 pounder was the basic field gun of the Canadian Army during the Second World War, and was considered to be the best artillery piece of its time.

R.B. Cameron

"It was that red hair, that straight-up cockiness. You knew he was going places."

Field Ambulance

Behind every soldier in the field are the people who got them there, keep them there and get them home again.

Bill Fowler

William James Fowler was the son of English immigrants who grew up in the Crowsnest Pass area of British Columbia.

CPR Shops

During the Second World War, the Canadian Pacific Railways transformed major portions of their main shops in Montreal and Calgary to build munitions, naval guns, gun mounts and tanks.

Stan and Joe Milner

Stan and Joe Milner were brothers.

Jarvis and Thomas Milner

Jarvis and Thomas Milner had very different experiences during the war.

Joe Milner Sr.

Joe Milner Sr. served in both World Wars.

Dogs of War

Since war began, dogs have accompanied their humans into battle.

Paul Pineau

Paul Pineau grew up on a farm in Bloomfield, PEI in a family of eleven children.

Paul Lefaivre

Paul Lefaivre was a signaler with the 264th Canadian Landing Craft Infantry (LCI) flotilla.

Francis Lefaivre

Francis Lefaivre was a Navigator/Observer stationed in Northern England during the war.

The Cold War

During the Cold War, Canada was one of those countries which might have been a target for a potential preemptive nuclear strike by the Soviet Union.

Air Crew Association

During the Second World War, some 350,000 Allied airmen, were trained through the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

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