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Harold Aasen

Carsten Harold Aasen was born in 1921 in Edgerton, Alberta.

Frank Swanson

Frank G. Swanson was born on April 11th, 1917 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Cecil and Durward Holmes

Cecil and Durward Holmes were brothers from Red Deer, Alberta.


Throughout both World Wars, the backbone of the Allied war effort was the convoy system.

Mewata Armoury

The Royal Alberta United Services Institute, or RAUSI, began life as "The Alberta Military Institute" in 1920.

Escape and Evasion

During the Second World war, thousands of brave men and women in France, Belgium and Holland played a critical role in saving British, Canadian and American downed fliers during the German occupation.

WW1 Trench

The stalemate that developed in late 1914 along the Western Front in France and Belgium meant that to survive, the soldiers had to dig deep trenches to protect themselves from sniping and enemy artillery.

Coastal Defence

All countries in a theatre of war naturally had to protect their shorelines.

Samuel Feldman

Born in Poland in Aug 1923, Samuel Feldman came to Canada with his parents in 1927 and settled in Edmonton.

Jack Edelson

Born in Berlin in 1920, Jack emigrated to Canada with his family in 1921 where they settled in Calgary.

Adam Wielgat

Adam Wielgat was an officer with the Polish reserves prior to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Donald McDaniel

Donald 'Deep' McDaniel was born in Calgary in December 1916, the son of the late Dorsey McDaniel and his mother Daisy Rogers.

Hub Gray

Too young to enlist during the Second World War, Hubert Archibald Gray, known as "Hub" to his friends, joined the Canadian Scottish Regiment and became an officer candidate in 1949.

Frank Leonard Brooks

Frank Brooks was a war artist with the Navy during World War II.

Bannard Wedding

The marriage of Alexander Richard (Dick) Bannard and Ethelyn Maureen Miller on June 15th, 1942 was unique in the Canadian Military, since theirs was the first marriage in the army service between two members of the same unit.

Sheilah and Webster Macdonald

Sheilah became an officer with the Women's Royal Naval Service in 1943 and was posted to bases in Canada during World War II. Webster Macdonald joined the Sea Cadets in 1942 and was commissioned as a Naval officer in 1943.

Atlantic Minesweeper

At the outbreak of war in 1939, the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) fleet consisted of just six modern Destroyers and four Minesweepers.

Robert Moffat

Robert (Bob) Douglas Moffat was one of the many young men who volunteered for duty overseas at the first available opportunity.

Louis Street

Louis Street enlisted with the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada in September 1939 in Vancouver.

F/O Frederick Thomson Guest

Frederick Thomson Guest was a flying officer with the RAF during the Second World War.

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