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F/O Philip Black

Philip Black was a Navigator flying Halifax Bombers during the Second World War.

Storming the Pillbox

When the Canadian infantry stormed Juno Beach on D-Day, they encountered fortified positions bristling with machine guns, barbed wire and artillery.

Auto Industry

The Second World War was the central, cataclysmic event of the 20th century, and it changed everything, including the automobile industry.

Air War in WW1

The invention of the aircraft changed the face of war forever.


After Dunkirk fell, invasion of Britain seemed imminent.

McKillop Brothers

The McKillop brothers both served in the Air Force during the Second World War.

Robert Hyndman

Robert Hyndman learned how to fly after he joined the RCAF in 1940.

Edgar Doxsee

Edgar Earl Doxsee enlisted in 1915 as a Signaler with the 77th Battalion.

Hamilton Gault

Andrew Hamilton Gault was the founder of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Canada.

Steve and Leah Oliver

Stephen Alexander Oliver and Leah Jennine Oliver were both serving in the Armed Forces when they met in Gagetown, New Brunswick in 2001.

Robert Dawson

Robert John Dawson served in the Canadian Army for nine years, over four of which were spent overseas with the 5th Armoured Division during the Second World War.

Jack Heisler

Jack Reid Heisler served as a Lieutenant and later Captain with the Regina Rifles Regiment during the Second World War from 1941 – 1946.

Canadians in East Asia

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and other Asian territories in late 1941, a true world-wide conflict began.


It was the duty of every Allied prisoner of war to attempt to escape from their captors.

VE Day

Five years of unimaginable suffering and sacrifice was suddenly replaced by celebrations that broke out all over Europe.

Coming Home

"We landed at Halifax coming home... it had been ten days since we left England."


Paul Crossfield grew up in Vienna and witnessed the Anschluss when the Nazis unified Austria with Germany in 1938.

Wilson McNeill

Wilson Havelock McNeill was born on 18 February, 1922 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Without Ships

In September 1942 as the U-Boats were increasing their attacks, Winston Churchill declared that, "without ships, we cannot live."


Preparations for Operation Overlord, the largest military invasion in history, had been underway since 1942.

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