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Aerial Support

Allied air power was vital to success for the war in Europe.

Destiny's Tot

"Destiny's Tot" was a four engine B-17 Bomber.

War and Chocolate

Soldiers in the front lines needed to have rations that would sustain them if they were cut off from their food supply. .

Leave in London

London suffered badly during the war caused by months of heavy bombing. With the arrival of large numbers of Commonwealth and American troops, it also became more cosmopolitan.


Alfred Hotte was born April 13th, 1923 in Beaverlodge, Alberta.

Ready... Jump

The 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion was formed in July 1942.

Matthew Halton

"This is Matthew Halton of the CBC".

Charles Crabtree

Pilot Officer Charles Maurice Crabtree was born in Toronto in 1921, and attended the University of Toronto where he earned his BA.

Lord Beaverbrook

Canadian history and art owe much to Sir Max Aitken.

Back for a Rest

Life in the heat of battle, or in a high state of readiness, is physically and psychologically draining.

Percy Underwood

Percy William Underwood was born in 1890 in Calgary, Alberta to Thomas and Kathryn Underwood.

The Gothic Line

The Gothic Line was a defensive line held by the Germans during the Italian Campaign of the Second World War.

Malcolm McNeill

Malcolm F. McNeill was born in Edmonton, Alberta, on 3 November 1923, the second son of First World War veteran John McNeill.

Walker Brothers

Thomas Hamilton Walker and his brother John Walker both served in the Canadian Army during the First World War.

Gas Mask

In early April 1915, just a few miles north of the picturesque medieval city of Ypres, Belgium, two Brigades of the 1st Canadian Division were sent into the trenches.

Walcheren Causeway

Control of the Walcheren Causeway was essential to allow Allied shipping unrestricted access to the port of Antwerp in Belgium.

Moreuil Wood

On 30 March 1918, a squadron of Lord Strathcona's Horse charged into a German position on horseback with sabres raised.

Battle at Sea

The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest battle of the Second World War.

On the Beach

The Normandy Landing on D-Day did not go completely as planned.

Aircraft Carrier

The first experimental aircraft carriers were put into service by the British Navy during the First World War.

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