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Private Braun Woodfield

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Private Braun Woodfield

Private Braun Scott Woodfield was born in Victoria, British Columbia to proud parents Beverley and retired Lieutenant Commander Daniel Woodfield. He grew up in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia with his sister Lyndi.

Braun was a proud and dedicated Canadian portrayed both by the choice to serve with the Canadian Forces and by the maple leaf he tattooed on his shoulder. His desire was to help people, and to do so, he joined the military in April 2003 and was posted to the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment in December 2003 following his basic training. In 2004, he served a six-week peacekeeping stint in Haiti.

Prior to his deployment to Afghanistan, Braun had recently signed up for three more years of duty. After his time in service, he hoped to work in firefighting or search and rescue to continue fulfilling his desire to assist people.

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