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Bdr Myles Mansell

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Bdr Myles Mansell

Bombardier Myles Stanley John Mansell was killed on 21 April 2006 while serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Myles was born in Victoria, British Columbia on 5 August 1980 to Nancy and Alan Mansell. He has two older brothers, Michael and Matthew.

He lived his entire life in the Western Communities and graduated from Belmont School in 1998. Myles joined the reserves in May 1998 and completed training in Shilo, Manitoba and Gagetown, New Brunswick. Myles had a strong belief in the work of the Reserves and the Armed Forces and felt strongly about serving his Country.

The family believes this is probably not such a coincidence as Myles' middle names, Stanley and John, were given to him in honour of his two grandfathers, Stanley Mansell and John Yorko. Stanley saw active duty during the Second World War and John served in the Royal Canadian Navy and both were just as passionate as Myles' in serving their Country.

It was this strong conviction to serve his country that led Myles to volunteer for service in Afghanistan with the 5th Field Artillery Regiment. His family supported him in his decision to do what he loved.

Myles met Lindsay Sullivan in April, 2003 and, this past Christmas, they became engaged. They had intended to be married when Myles completed his tour of duty later this year.

In 2003, Myles participated with the Reserves in battling the Kelowna fires. This ties into Myles' kind, caring and generous personality – he was always ready to lend a hand and help out in any way he could, no matter what the circumstances.

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