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Corporal Matthew Dinning

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Corporal Matthew Dinning

Matthew David James Dinning was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, on 15 March 1983, and raised in the town of Wingham, Ontario. He loved all sports especially rugby and hockey. Matthew attended Alliston, Hornepayne and Wingham Public Schools.

He graduated from FE Madill High school in Wingham. Having completed a Police Foundations Program at Westervelt College in August 2002, Matthew joined the CF as a Military Police Officer in May 2003, completing his Basic Training and finally his MP QL3 in April 2004.

Matthew's first posting was CFB Petawawa in May 2004, where he was employed as a Patrolman. From almost his first day, he set out a pattern of continual requests for an overseas tour, as his primary motivation for CF service. As such, he was subsequently posted to 2MP platoon on 11 July 2005, where he immediately jumped into tactical MP employment.

At the same time, he volunteered for Close Protection training, which was successfully completed in December 2005. He was then deployed to Afghanistan in January 2006, as part of the Multinational Brigade Regional Command South's security detail assigned to protect Brigadier General David Fraser.

Matthew was the youngest member to ever be selected for a CP position. Corporal Dinning made the ultimate sacrifice on 22 April, 2006. Matthew is survived by his parents Lincoln and Laurie, and brother Brendon.

Family statement

M......Mature, Mischievous, Muscular
A......Accomplished, Articulate, Athletic
T......Tenacious, Tireless, Thoughtful
T......Trustworthy, Thorough, Thankful
H......Honest, Humorous, Hardworking
E......Easy-going, Extremely Confident
W.....Wonderful Son & Brother

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