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Sergeant Vaughn Ingram

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Sergeant Vaughn Ingram

Sergeant Vaughan Ingram was born on 11 June 1971 in Burgeo, Newfoundland to Clayton and Linda Ingram. He joined the Canadian Forces on 5 July 1990. After recruit training in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia Sgt Ingram went to Wainwright, Alberta to attend the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Battle School.

Upon graduation from Battle School in February 1991, he was posted to the Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Winnipeg. He was only there a short time before being posted to 2 Commando, Canadian Airborne Regiment, in Petawawa, Ontario. While with the Airborne he completed a tour in Somalia; the first of five tours.

In July of 1995, he went to the Canadian Parachute Centre in Edmonton and from there to 3 PPCLI. While with 3 PPCLI he completed a tour in Bosnia in 1997. He was then posted to 1 PPCLI and went to Kosovo in June 1999. Sgt Ingram deployed for a second tour to Bosnia in 2002.

In January of 2006 he deployed to Afghanistan with C Company 1 PPCLI on Operation Archer in Kandahar. Sgt Ingram’s professionalism and loyalty went far beyond the call of duty. He was an exceptional leader who embodied the leadership principles.

He set an example for his subordinates and was relied upon by his superiors for his sound tactical advice and technical expertise. Sgt Ingram was killed in action on 3 August 2006 in the Panjwai District of Kandahar Province while operating in the face of effective small arms and Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry fire.

Sgt Ingram is survived by his wife Ann-Marie and his daughters Samantha and Brooke. His parents Clayton and Linda, sister Joann, and brothers Stacey and Chad also survive him.

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