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Private Kevin Dallaire

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Private Kevin Dallaire

Private Kevin Dallaire was born in Calgary, Alberta and grew up in Cold Lake, Alberta. The son of two military parents, he joined the military right out of high school in 2003. His parents found a posting where they could serve together on the same base in 1983 and the family then moved from Kingston, Ontario to Calgary.

Diane Dallaire, his mother, was a teletype operator at CFB Calgary. His father, Gaetan, was an instructor for the Canadian Signals Regiment. Diane retired from the militay to raise her two sons and the family moved to the Cold Lake, Alberta base in 1985.

When Kevin was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006, both parents asked him to make a commitment to call home once a month. On Mother's Day Kevin called in the middle of the night to talk to his mother. Then a few hours later he called again because he had forgotten to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. On Father's Day they were also blessed with two middle of the night calls.

The family knew little about his time in Afghanistan because he didn't speak about his service there. Private Dallaire was a quiet person and his conversation limited but when he did speak he captured everyone's full attention. He was known to his friends as the "silent Frenchman".

Kevin’s father said that his son loved the military and wanted to go to Afghanistan because he wanted to see the people, to see their way of life, to help them and to make a difference. Before he left, his father said, "You could see in his eyes he was proud." He understood the danger but it was important for him to go.

His mother believes, “the military was the best thing for him and to serve his country”. Kevin had aspirations of joining the Joint Task Force where he would be part of an elite group of the military but sadly, would not have the opportunity to achieve his goals.

Kevin was deployed with 9 Platoon, C Company, 1 PPCLI Battle Group during Operation Archer Rotation 1. On August 3, 2006 during combat operations in the Pashmul region of Afghanistan, he exposed himself to great personal risk to provide cover fire for his section. Traversing an open field under enemy fire and having been shot, Private Dallaire directed his section to cover fire. His actions reflect the highest standard of his regiment and the Canadian forces.

Private Kevin Dallaire was killed during a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) attack by insurgents when Taliban militants attacked the soldiers on the outskirts of Kandahar. The soldiers were supporting Afghan national police in clearing a suspected Taliban position in the area.

He was 22 years old at the time of his death. Private Kevin Dallaire is buried in the National Military Cemetery in Ottawa.

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