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Master Corporal Jeffrey Walsh

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Master Corporal Jeffrey Walsh

Master Corporal Jeffrey Scott Walsh was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on 7 August 1973. He enrolled in the Canadian Forces 19 March 1997 and, following infantry training, joined the First Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment in Petawawa, Ontario on 22 September of the same year.

Jeff was employed as a rifleman and LAV driver and was qualified as a LAV III crew commander. MCpl Walsh deployed to Kosovo with Operation Kinetic December 1999 to May 2000 and to Afghanistan with Operation Athena August 2003 to February 2004. In 2005, MCpl Walsh decided to change his Regimental affiliation and joined 2 PPCLI in Shilo, Manitoba.

Master Corporal Walsh was a junior leader in A Company attached to the 1 RCR Battle Group on Operation Archer when he tragically lost his life on 9 August 2006 while on patrol west of Kandahar.

He was an excellent soldier and a well-respected leader in both regiments. Jeff Walsh is survived by his loving wife Julie, children Avery, Jordan and Benjamin, his parents Ben and Margaret, and sister Jodi.

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