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Private Mark Graham

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Private Mark Graham

Private Mark Anthony Graham was born in Jamaica on 17 May 1973. He was a member of Canada's Olympic 4 x 400 meter relay team in 1992. Mark graduated High School from the Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School on 31 January 1993. Upon completion of secondary school he attended Kent State University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science – Physical Education.

Mark enrolled with the Canadian Forces in Hamilton, Ontario on 7 January 2004 as an Infantryman. Following completion of basic training he proceeded on further occupational training in Meaford, Ontario where his pleasant demeanour and "team-player" attitude aided in his success.

Subsequently he was posted to the 1st Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment on 15 November 2004 as a rifleman. He received training in various military responsibilities including safe vehicle operation and as well, environmental training which included operating in a cold environment.

His agreeable attitude and consummate reliability ensured success in all of his endeavours whether as an individual or as a group. Mark's comrades talked about his imposing physical size, warm smile and great singing voice. He leaves behind 3 brothers, one of whom has joined the military, as well as a young daughter.

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