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Corporal Keith Morley

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Corporal Keith Morley

Corporal Keith Morley CD, joined the Canadian Forces from his home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba in the fall of 1999. After completing his infantry training he was posted to Petawawa, Ontario and the Third Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment in May 2000. While serving as a rifleman in 3 RCR, he deployed on operations to Bosnia from March to October 2001.

The opportunity to move west and be closer to his family caused him to rebadge to the PPCLI and join the Second Battalion in Winnipeg in the summer of 2002. The following year, Corporal Morley deployed again to Bosnia on Roto 12. He had been a stalwart member of A Company over the last three years and moved with the Second Battalion to Shilo, Manitoba in the summer of 2004.

He was one week shy of his 31st birthday when Cpl Morley was killed in a suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan. Keith Morley is survived by his mother Della and sister Shannon.

Family statement

Keith served his country with pride and a
certainty that missions in Bosnia and
Afghanistan would better the lives of the
people in those troubled nations.

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