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Private David Byers

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Private David Byers

Private David Byers was from Espanola, Ontario and joined the Canadian Forces in the fall of 2003. He came to 2 PPCLI in June 2004 and immediately became a solid fixture in Alpha Company. Pte Byers was on his first operational tour when he deployed with the company in August 2006.

Although he was one of the "newer" soldiers in the Second Battalion, Pte Byers’ outgoing personality immediately earned him the friendship of many of the soldiers in the company. His peers have described him as always being the centre of attention and activity in a room full of people. He was highly regarded as a dedicated soldier and one who was deeply committed to his comrades in his section and platoon.

His family tells of a young man who was both enthusiatic and proud of the profession he had chosen. David Byers was 22 years old and is survived by his parents John and Jane, and his fiancé Chantal Roy.

Family statement

A proud, dutiful soldier,
his spirit lives on in the daughter
he never had the opportunity to meet.

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