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Private Blake Williamson

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Private Blake Williamson

Private Blake Neil Williamson was born on the 25th of January 1983 in Hamilton, Ontario. Pte Williamson graduated from North Grenville High School in the spring of 2002. Following a year of civil employment Pte Williamson was enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Upon the completion of his basic courses Pte Williamson was sent to the 1st Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment where he has served for the past three years. During this time Pte Williamson not only integrated well with the other members of the battalion but he has also gained a high level of respect from his supervisors based on his dedication, fitness level and performance both in and out of stressful situations.

It has also been noted that Pte Williamson was capable of managing positions of authority. Having already served with the NSE in Kabul, Afghanistan this was Pte Williamson's second tour with the battalion.

A funny guy who made others laugh with his array of Chuck Morris jokes, Blake is buried in the National Military Cemetery in Ottawa.

Pte Williamson is survived by his mother, Heather Anderson, step-father Gary Benedict, sister Reid Williamson and his brother, Levi Ryan Williamson.

Family statement

Blake was principled,
had strong values and
stood up for what he believed in.

His sense of humour prevailed in all circumstances.
His "essence of the one liner" will be something
everyone will remember.

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