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Chief Warrant Officer Robert Girouard

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Chief Warrant Officer Robert Girouard

CWO Robert Girouard CD, enlisted on 4 July 1979. After Basic Training in Cornwallis, Ontario he went to 1 RCR in London, Ontario for his Basic Infantry Training. On completion of his training in February 1980, he was assigned to B Company, 1st Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment, London, Ontario where he was employed as a Rifleman.

In March 1980, he was sent to Norway as part of the AMF. On his return in May 1980, he was posted to Mike Company, 3rd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment, Baden-Baden, West Germany. During the next four years, he participated in several NATO exercises in Europe.

In May 1983, he was promoted to Master Corporal, and was made Section Commander of a rifle section in Mike Company. He remained in this position until June 1984 when he was posted with the Battalion to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Upon his promotion to Sergeant, he was sent back to the 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment, and employed in Reconnaissance Platoon as Group Commander. In June 1988, he was posted with the Battalion to Baden-Baden, West Germany and remained with Reconnaissance Platoon for the next two years.

In July 1990 he transferred to the Royal Canadian Regiment Battle School in Petawawa, Ontario, where he was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer and employed as an Infantry Platoon Course Warrant Officer.

In August 1991, he was posted to Gagetown, New Brunswick, the Combat Training Center Infantry School. He was employed as an Instructor on the Advance Reconnaissance Course, the Infantry Platoon Warrant Officers Course, and Phase IV Officers Course.

In May 1994, he transferred to the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment, and joined Juliet Company as a Rifle Platoon Warrant Officer. Juliet Company was then tasked in June 1994 to the RCD Battle Group for Operation Cavalier Roto 4 in Bosnia, and remained there until May 1995. Upon returning to Canada, he was employed as Juliet Company Quartermaster for the next two years.

In June 1997, he was employed as the Lima Company Quartermaster. The Battalion was asked to support the Operation Recuperation Ice Storms in January 1998, and in June 1998 the Battalion participated in the NATO Navy Exercises, Marcot 98 in Stephenville, Newfoundland.

In September 1998, he was appointed as Golf Company Sergeant-Major (WSE). Then the company which was the Immediate Reaction Unit Vanguard was called to deploy to Nova Scotia to conduct search operations following the crash of Swissair Flight 111. Upon return, he prepared for Operation Palladium Roto IV and was deployed with the 2 RCR in January 1999 and officially promoted to Master Warrant Officer.

Upon his return in August 1999, he was assigned as Kilo Company Sergeant-Major and remained in that position for one year. In June 2000, he was sent again to the Infantry School for his second time as C Company Sergeant-Major. He was responsible for Phase II Officers Course and for the Small Arms Instructor Course for the NCOs in the Infantry Corps.

In August 2001, he was posted to LFCA TC Meaford as the Drill Sergeant-Major of the Base. In June 2004, he was promoted to the rank Chief Warrant Officer and appointed the Chief Standards Organization Representative for LFDTS Kingston. CWO Girouard was appointed as the Regimental Sergeant Major of 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment on 24 June 2005.

Shortly after this appointment CWO Girouard, with 29 years of service, commenced specialized training for Operation Archer and deployed to theatre in August 2006. His unwavering support to this mission in Afghanistan was noted by leadership and subordinates alike.

Chief Warrant Officer Girouard is survived by his wife Jacqueline who stated that ‘Bobby was what a man should be’ and their three children – Robert Jr, Jocelyn, and Michel, two of whom have also joined the Canadian military.

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