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Private Aaron Williams

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Private Aaron Williams

Aaron Edward Williams was born on 8 October 1983, the youngest child and only son of Ed and Kristine Williams of Bairdsville, New Brunswick. He graduated from Southern Victoria High School in 2002.

He was an avid hockey player, first strapping on the skates at the tender age of seven. He loved the outdoors, enjoying every activity he could. There wasn’t much that he didn’t like.

During his high school years he met the love of his life, fiancée Jennifer McManus. They were to be married on October 13th, 2007. Jen and Aaron were the proud parents of 2 ½ year old Kayla. A dedicated family man, Jen and Kayla were always Aaron’s top priority.

Aaron joined the Canadian Forces on 13 June 2003. Following Basic and Infantry Courses he was posted to 2RCR at CFB Gagetown. During his time with 2RCR he demonstrated an affinity to Reconnaissance and Sniper training. In fact, he had the distinction of being the youngest sniper in the Canadian military, winning many awards during various courses, recognizing his skill.

Aaron was a very professional soldier, dedicated father and partner who always made sure his family was taken care of. He was a proud member of the Army and of 2RCR.

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