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Corporal Brent Poland

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Corporal Brent Poland

Brent Donald Poland was born on October 26th, 1969. He was the beloved son of Donald and Pat Poland of Camlachie, Ontario, and of brother Mark Poland. He also leaves his beloved wife Susan Dubé and daughter Shelley of Kitchener, Ontario.

Brent graduated with a History degree from York University and a Media Arts degree from Ryerson University. In his thirties, Brent chose to follow his heart and his passion. He enlisted in the Canadian Forces where he volunteered for a career as an infantry soldier.

Brent began his career in the Canadian Forces as a Reservist with 4RCR in London, Ontario in 2002. After transferring to the Regular Force in 2005, Brent was posted to 2RCR in May 2006. Upon his arrival he began pre-deployment training for Afghanistan.

He saw this tour as his chance to help bring peace and stability to the people of Afghanistan. Brent was inspired by the thought that his efforts might help to ensure that little girls had the chance to go to school and women might be given an opportunity to thrive in an environment free of brutal oppression.

Brent was a proud, strong and dedicated man. He was an excellent soldier and proud Canadian. He will be fondly remembered by his family and fellow soldiers.

Family statement

One of Canada's heroes
KIA on Easter Sunday 2007
Too dearly loved
to ever be forgotten

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