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Sergeant Donald Lucas

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Sergeant Donald Lucas

Donald Lucas was born 20 February 1976 in St John’s, Newfoundland to proud parents Fred and Ella Lucas. Donnie grew up with two sisters, Lisa and Wendy, and two brothers; Rodney and Steve.

While attending Junior High School Donnie met his future wife Natasha Stanley, and on 11 July, 1997 the two school sweethearts married. In the years to follow, they had two wonderful children, a son Matthew Donald Lucas and a daughter MacKenzie Nicole Lucas.

While in school Donnie had a number of interests: he was actively involved in the Church Lads Brigade reaching the rank of Sergeant Major and enjoyed hanging out with his friends.

Ever since Donnie was 5 years old he expressed an interest in joining the military. In November of 1993 this dream became a reality and he joined the Reserve Force as an Infantry soldier with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

On 31 October 1995 Donnie joined the Regular Force and was posted with Natasha to Gagetown, New Brunswick with the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment. While in 2RCR Donnie was deployed to Bosnia, Africa, UAE, Haiti and Afghanistan. He obtained the rank of Sergeant and was a highly respected and truly admired member of the Regimental family.

Donnie was not only a soldier but a devoted family man, he spent most of his spare time with his children and loved to fish and play with them. He would often have small camp fires for the kids and have them assist him tending to the garden and completing various chores around the yard.

One of his favourite activities was to take Matthew fishing in the boat and stop at remote sites to allow him to swim and play at the beach. He enjoyed the outdoors immensely and was an avid hunter, albeit not always a successful one.

Donnie was an outstanding husband, son, father, friend and NCO.

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