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Master Corporal Allan Stewart

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Master Corporal Allan Stewart

Master Corporal Allan Maurice James Stewart was born in Newcastle, New Brunswick on 02 May 1976 and raised there. He joined the Canadian Forces on 19 September 1997 and reported to the Royal Canadian Dragoons in April 1998.

Staying at the Regiment throughout his career, he advanced to his present rank in September 2006. During this time, Master Corporal Stewart distinguished himself as a likeable, good natured and enthusiastic soldier and leader who was dedicated to supporting his follow soldiers and the Regiment. He consistently endeavoured to increase not only his personal skills and abilities, but also those around him. He was always approachable, trustworthy, and well respected by his peers and supervisors alike.

Master Corporal Stewart's most recent deployment to Afghanistan with B Squadron as part of Task Force 1-07 was his third deployment overseas. He previously deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2001 and then to Afghanistan in 2003 as part of Operation Athena in the Kabul area.

Master Corporal Stewart was married to Christa and had two daughters, Brittany and Sarah. An extremely dedicated family man, he was a caring and loving husband and father who expressed immense pride whenever talking about his wife and children.

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