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Corporal Mike Seggie

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Corporal Mike Seggie

Corporal Michael James Alexander Seggie was born in Calgary, Alberta on 22 November 1985. He graduated from John Taylor Collegiate High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2002. Corporal Seggie joined the Primary Reserve in 2003, and served with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles.

In 2006 he transferred to the Regular Force, joining the Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Shilo, Manitoba. This was Corporal Seggie’s first tour of duty in Afghanistan. He is described by his peers as a great communicator who learned several Pashtu phrases to interact better with the local population in Afghanistan.

Corporal Seggie died on active service near the village of Pashmul in Zharey District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan on 3 September 2008 while with the Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group. Corporal Seggie and two other soldiers were killed during a firefight with insurgents when their vehicle was struck by an anti-armour weapon. Five other soldiers were wounded in the engagement.

Corporal Seggie was a proud and dedicated soldier who believed in the Afghanistan mission, and who died doing what he loved – being a soldier. He received the Canadian Expeditionary Force Commander’s (CEFCOM) Commendation in Afghanistan.

Corporal Seggie came from a military family; his grandfather, uncle and father all served in the Regiment. He will be missed by his mom Shirlie, his dad Master Warrant Officer Jim Seggie (a retired Patricia), his sister Michelle Turner, his nephew Carson Turner, and the rest of his family and friends.


22 November 1986 - 3 September 2008

"If you want peace, prepare for war"
"Freedom isn't free"

RIP Mike, until we meet again.
Mom & Dad: Jim and Shirley Seggie

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