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Private John Curwin

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Private John Curwin

Private John Michael Roy Curwin was born on March 1, 1982 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to parents Michael and Danita Curwin. Prior to joining the Canadian Forces, he lived with his parents and brother Josh in nearby Mount Uniacke, where he met his childhood sweetheart and future wife, Laura.

An avid hockey player and loyal Montreal Canadiens fan, he also enjoyed fishing, Friday night poker games with his friends and the early Saturday morning golf games that followed. He was forever the "good guy"; always there to do what was right, what was needed and always willing to give whatever he could for his family and friends.

A dedicated soldier, husband and father, John committed himself to his wife Laura, daughters Makayla and Jenna and son Michael, endowing much love and devotion. He enjoyed taking his son fishing, and spending time with his daughters first and foremost.

John was loved by everyone who knew him, from his friends, immediate family, extended family, and his colleagues at the 2nd Battalion.

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