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Trooper Brian Good

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Trooper Brian Good

Trooper Brian Richard Good was born on the 16th of January 1965 in Zweibrucken, Germany to Arthur Barry Good and Jeanne Pusztai. He has two older twin brothers: David and Daniel. He also has an older brother Stephen and a younger brother Mark.

Brian married his wife Sandra in 1989, and nearly 5 years later, on the 13th of February 1994, they were blessed with their first of two daughters, Jessica. A year and a half later, their family was complete with the birth of their second daughter, Kayla, on September 20th 1995.

On October 2005, Brian was accepted as a new recruit in the Canadian Forces. He took great pride as the "old man" and besting the young recruits physically. Not bad for a 40 year old.

Brian was a strong soldier right from the start. Demonstrating proficiency in weapons handling and skill as a driver, he was posted to The Royal Canadian Dragoons in CFB Petawawa. Always dedicated to his profession, Brian could be counted on to make his schedule fit the needs of the Regiment, delivering ammunition all over the Petawawa Training Area from long before sunrise to long after sunset.

His skills were not limited to driving. In 2007, Brian was selected for training that would qualify him as a gunner in the 25mm turret. He did well on the course and was always eager to get some "turret time". Brian was a dedicated soldier who was committed to seeing a task through and completing it to the highest standard achievable.

Brian was an avid Senators fan, following them through the pains of inauguration to the Stanley Cup Finals. He absolutely loved dogs, especially his toy poodle "Brandy"; although he would refuse to walk her in her bright pink sweater. He had his limits. He enjoyed practical jokes, accused of chalking a neighbour's car tires bright pink. He was always very active in the community and was always there to help in any way he could. Above all, he loved his family.

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