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Sapper Mathieu Allard

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Sapper Mathieu Allard

Sapper Matthieu Allard grew up in Val d'Or in Northern Québec. He joined the army in March 2007 after he had completed High School. He arrived in Kandahar in early 2009, as part of the 5 Combat Engineer Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Royal 22nd Regiment where one of his roles was to help clear supply routes of mines and booby traps.

On 1 August, 2009, he was riding in a military convoy when their vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device. No one was hurt in the initial blast, but when the men stepped out of their vehicle to inspect the area for further threats, a second explosive detonated, killing Matthieu and fellow soldier, Christian Bobbitt. A third soldier was seriously wounded in the incident.

Matthieu was described as a hard-working team leader who was very proud of his military team and took the worst situations in stride, raising his colleagues' spirits in the process.

He is survived by his parents, René and Christine, two younger brothers, Pierre and Yves, his grandmother Jeannine and his girlfriend Véronique Béchard.

Family Statement

Matthew was a man of his word and honour. He had a huge heart! He was the kind of person who gave everything to others. Her mother remembers her son once asking, "Mom, when you send me food or treats, mail enough for six guys!"

Matthew had an incredible zest for life. Much of his happiness and pride came from what he called his "job" as his work as a combat engineer. He could talk for hours about what he did everyday.

In his youth, he always wanted to do great things in changing the world for the better, and to serve those around him. He wanted to be a knight. The family finds some comfort in thinking that he has done it all.

The family of Matthew Allard

Matthieu était un homme de parole et d’honneur. Il avait un énorme cœur! Il était le genre de personne qui offrait tout aux autres pour se servir en dernier s’il y avait des restes. Sa mère se rappelle des demande de son fils, "Maman, lorsque tu m’enverras de la nourriture ou des gâteries, envois-en pour six gars!".

Matthieu possédait une joie de vivre incroyable et croquait dans la vie. Beaucoup de son bonheur et de sa fierté provenait de ce qu’il appelait sa "job", soit son travail à titre de sapeur de combat. Il pouvait parler pendant des heures de ce qu’il faisait au quotidien.

Dans sa jeunesse, il voulait toujours accomplir de grandes choses soit changer le monde pour le mieux, servir ceux autour de lui. Il voulait être un chevalier. La famille trouve un certain réconfort en se disant qu’il a accompli tout cela.

La famille du Matthieu Allard

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