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Private Garrett Chidley

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Private Garrett Chidley

Private Garrett William Chidley was born on 22 March 1988 in Cambridge, Ontario and was raised in Langley, British Columbia. As a technically minded adolescent, Pte Chidley's father enrolled him in flying lessons at the age of fourteen. By the time he was fifteen he had completed his first solo flight. He attended Belmont Elementary School and graduated from Langley Senior Secondary School in 2006.

Pte Chidley joined the military on 21 December 2006 and upon completion of basic training in December 2007, he was posted to 2 PPCLI. As soon as he arrived at the unit, Pte Chidley began his preparations for the upcoming deployment to Afghanistan by completing a number of primary combat function courses.

He deployed in October 2009 as a LAV driver in Mobility Platoon, Stabilization Company Alpha of the Task Force 3-09 Provincial Reconstruction Team. Pte Chidley was killed by an Improvised Explosive Device in Kandahar Province on 30 December 2009.

He is survived by his father Cameron (Cam) Chidley, his mother Sian LeSueur, his spouse Danielle Risch, his brother and sister, Joseph (Joe) and Devon Chidley. Pte Chidley's sense of humour and compassionate ear will be missed by his family, friends, those who had the honour to serve with him, and the entire Regimental family.

Family Statement

Garrett was born in Cambridge, Ontario, but was raised in Langley from the age of three months. He attended Belmont Elementary School and graduated from Langley Senior Secondary School in 2006.

As a child, Garrett used to enjoy fishing in Ontario with his father, Cam, and grandfather, Murray. He loved to talk with his granddad Lyn about history. He adored his cats and loved to play video games.

Garrett was very technically minded. When he was 14 years old, his father signed him up for flying lessons, and at the age of 15 he completed his first solo flight.

A few months after high school, Garrett decided to join the military, and he was so proud to be accepted. He went off to Borden to complete his Basic Military Qualification, where he graduated in April 2007, receiving an award for top marksman. After BMQ, he was posted to Shilo, Manitoba.

Garrett was a LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle) driver and was incredibly proud of the work he did. He considered himself to be the best LAV driver in his group. He worked hard and set high standards for himself. He was very much a part of the team, and his military buddies meant the world to him.

Outside of the military, Garrett literally had hundreds of friends and was well-liked by all. In November, while Garrett was home on leave from Afghanistan, his mother threw an early Christmas party for all of his family and friends. He had such a wonderful time, and before he left he thanked his mother, Sian, for throwing "the best Christmas party ever."

Garrett's sister, Devon, is grateful that Garrett was able to fly back home to be a groomsman at her wedding. He was so excited at the prospect of becoming an uncle and was looking forward to being home in time to hold his first baby. He had never held a baby before.

Garrett will be greatly missed by his younger brother, Joe, who treasures the fond and fun memories of growing up together.Garrett was in contact with his family the day before his death to let them know that he was safe and happy, and had used the Tim Horton's card his father sent him for Christmas.

Garrett’s friends and family mourn the loss of such a fun-loving, dedicated and ambitious young man, who always had a smile on his face.

The Family of Garrett Chidley

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