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Trooper Larry Rudd

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Trooper Larry Rudd

Larry John Rudd was born in Calgary, Alberta and grew up in Brantford, Ontario raised by his mother Helen Zuidema and his maternal grandmother Toni Zuidema. A proud Canadian, he never missed a Canada Day ceremony starting from the time he first joined the cub scouts. Larry had a natural instinct to help and protect others regardless of whether they were friends or strangers. He never hesitated to help those in need throughout his entire life.

He received a Citizenship award during his graduation ceremonies from grade eight. Larry was also recognized by the Brantford General Hospital for saving the life of an anaphylactic shock victim through his quick response to the situation. His selfless nature and genuine patriotism represented a natural desire to serve his country; a role he was well suited for.

Larry enrolled in the Canadian Forces on 6 September 2007, and completed his Basic Military Qualification in December of 2007. Larry then went to Gagetown, New Brunswick to complete his Armoured Reconnaissance Crewman course. Following his graduation he became a member of the Royal Canadian Dragoons and remained at the Armoured School as a driver for various courses. Larry was posted to CFB Petawawa in August of 2009 and attached to A Sqn in preparation to deploy to Afghanistan.

Larry was a dynamic and highly motivated soldier from the day he enrolled to the day of his passing. A generous and outgoing individual, he was a soldier with whom other soldiers of all ranks sought friendship. Mature well beyond his rank and experience, Larry demonstrated enormous potential in the Royal Canadian Dragoons.

Strongly rooted in his admiration for his mother who raised him alone from a very young age, he could be considered the perfect son. His love and loyalty to his mother and grandmother were exemplified when he proudly introduced them to his friends and leadership during the Task Force 1-10 departure ceremony.

Larry was a "go-to" soldier who always put the needs of his family, friends, and fellow soldiers before his own. His exceptional inter-personal skills were the foundation of many strong friendships and the focus numerous Squadron parties.

Despite his brute strength and intimidating appearance, he was a gentle man of impeccable character who set the example for others to follow. Larry was considered the "gentle giant" of the Regiment, and will be sorely missed by his family, friends, and his fellow Dragoons.

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