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Trooper Corey Hayes

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Trooper Corey Hayes

Trooper Corey Hayes was born on 2 January 1987 in Belleville, Ontario. He was raised in Ripples, New Brunswick, where he attended Minto Memorial High School and Wawanesa High School in Manitoba.

Corey Hayes died on 20 March 2009 when the armoured vehicle he was riding in struck an IED in Shah Wali Khot District about 20 kilometres northeast of Kandahar. He was 22 years old.

Family Statement

He was carefree, loved life, lived on the edge and was always quick to take his skateboard for a ride. These are just some of the thoughts that immediately come to mind by those who knew and loved Corey Joseph Hayes. Trooper Corey Hayes was born on the 2nd of January 1987 in Belleville Ontario. Growing up in a military family, he spent much of his youth living in different parts of the country and world with stops in Germany, Ripples and Shilo; and he left his mark at every stop.

According to his mother, Donna, Corey was the type of young man who could push the right buttons to make the ire rise in a person, then promptly give you a cock-eyed grin and beat a path in the other direction. "He would always know the exact moment to come back to ask "Is it cool?" - and it always was. You could never stay mad at him. "

Despite moving from military community to military community, Corey called the small environs of Ripples NB his home. It was here he spent the bulk of his formative years, attended high school, and was popular for skateboarding, jumping his dirt bike in the gravel pit and always sticking up for his friends. Safe to say Corey influenced the community around him as much as the community influenced Corey. His exploits in the Ripples area are famous and as he grew up he became a strong member of the community.

Everyone viewed him as a polite and respectful young man. He never talked back to anybody as a young boy and as an adolescent; he was infamous for teasing his friends and family, but never disrespecting them. Always available to lend a hand, he would help out anybody in anyway. From helping insulate a house to getting help for a friend who got his truck stuck back in the woods, Corey was a man who could be relied upon in a pinch.

It was his care-free spirit, his loyalty to his friends and his wish to do something greater than himself that led Corey to join the military. When he joined the Army, Corey firmly believed he had found a brotherhood and his true niche in life. No matter what he was doing, even if he was getting into trouble, Corey was able to look at the brighter side of life.

His ability to live life on the edge and care for the people around him endeared Corey to those in his community. Most of all Corey wanted to make a difference in the world. "That was the kind of character he was, very colorful but very dedicated. He believed in the mission, he would want nothing less than have the others carry on," remarked his mother Donna. "He wanted to have people to know that a small town boy could do something significant for people around the world."

Tpr Corey Hayes died on 20th of March 2009 while on patrol in Southern Afghanistan. He leaves behind his mother Donna Beek, stepfather Bertramn Beek, his biological father Joe Hayes and three brothers and one sister. He will be deeply missed by all.

-The Family of Corey Hayes

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