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Master Corporal Joshua Roberts

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Master Corporal Joshua Roberts

Master Corporal Roberts was a native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He joined the Canadian Forces in 1996 as a member of the North Saskatchewan Regiment. After serving 10 years as a Reservist, he transferred to the Regular Force, joining 2 PPCLI.

Master Corporal Joshua Brian Roberts was killed in action in Afghanistan on 9 August 2008. He was serving with the 2 PPCLI Battle Group when he was killed in a firefight in the Zharey District, Kandahar. Master Corporal Roberts was described by his peers as a true brother and friend and by his commanders as a "soldier's soldier".

He will be missed by his mother Beth and his step-father Gene Figley, by his fiancée Lise Malenfant, as well as his sister Addrienne Roberts.

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