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Master Corporal Scott Vernelli

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Master Corporal Scott Vernelli

Master Corporal Scott Francis Vernelli was born 6 May 1980 in Sault Ste. Marie, (The Soo!) Ontario. The youngest son of Chuck and Ruth Vernelli, and little brother to Sean, Scotty is survived by his wife Marci Lane and his baby girl Olivia.

Growing up living in “the Soo” Scotty found his passion for sports such as football, hockey and anything else that would allow him to compete and challenge himself. He developed into a young man who always had a happy smile and an attitude that would make you feel better. By the time he left school, Scotty, a proud Italian-Canadian knew joining the military was his plan.

Scotty joined the Military 5 Jan 2000 and after Basic Training he was posted to 1 RCR in CFB Petawawa. In The Royal Canadian Regiment he found a new outlet for his loyalties. Enjoying the training and challenges, he quickly established a reputation as a dependable and highly capable soldier who had the added benefit of being a great Goaltender for the Regiment.

Golf was a new avenue for his energies and on any given day Scotty would be seen by his friends in his uniform, goalie equipment, biker gear, or sporting a golf bag. He knew the word relax, but his definition of it was atypical.

Scotty was on his third deployment to Afghanistan. On the first tour in 2003, Scotty confirmed to himself and his peers his ability perform under pressure. Mindful of the dangers he never lost sight of the mission and fully believed in succeeding, in order to help the Afghanistan people reconstruct their society.

His humour kept his peers grounded, sarcasm kept them on their toes and he took great satisfaction in bringing a smile to an Afghanis child’s face. On his second tour he was in a leadership role and excelled in looking after his men and performing his task as a LAV gunner to the highest standard.

When Task Force 03-08 arrived Scotty accepted the call, for his third tour, as he believed in the mission. This tour saw Scotty take part in the first ever Air Assault with Canadian helicopters, something he called "an experience of a life time."

Yet it was returning for the birth of his daughter that Scott, holding Olivia for the first time, realized what an experience of a life time really was.

MCpl Scott F. Vernelli, Husband, Father, Son and Brother

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